My name is Peter Joosten. I have a B.Sc.,P.T. and I am a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy association. I graduated in 1980 from the Academy of Physiotherapy Leffelaar in Amsterdam Capital city of the Netherlands. I have been in the profession for 35 years.

I immigrated to Canada in 1989. Prior to that I passed the exam and residency (practicum) before I was allowed to officially practice in Alberta Canada. I am an official recognized manual therapist and spinal manipulator.

Detailed info about manual therapy:

  • I am a Level lll manual therapist and a recognized Spinal Manipulator by the College of Physiotherapy Alberta specialized in muscular skeletal conditions. I developed a wide variety of manual therapy techniques to treat numerous muscular skeletal conditions.
  • Conditions what I treat as a manual therapist are e.g. mechanical and or muscular neck and back sprains and strains, osteo arthritis, nerve impingement such as stenosis, disc bulges and or disc dispositions and sciatica. Sacro iliac conditions and post surgery and post fractures are also being treated.
  • Other area’s being treated are shoulder conditions such as rot cuff tendonitis, partial and full tears of the rot cuff, bursitis, osteo arthritis, labrum tears, shoulder subluxations and dislocations, nerve root impingments and other sprains and strains. Further muscular skeletal treatment conditions are e.g. tennis, golfers elbow, elbow bursitis and other elbow joint conditions. Wrist and hand problems, hip, knee, ankle and foot conditions such as osteo arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, subluxations and dislocations, nerve impingments (carpal tunnel syndrome wrist and hand) and tendon and ligament tears e.g. ACL, MCL, Hamstring and achillus tendon.

Other specializations:

  • Specialized in BPPV (vertigo) treatment, included the Epley manoeuver.
  • Presently specialist in Mastering the shoulder, a course which covers all its clinical conditions including pre and post surgery rehab.
  • Developed a specialty through a course in management and advanced management of post Concussion syndrome conditions.
  • Specialized in Kinesio taping for regular and sports conditions. KT I and advanced KT ll taping courses were completed. Other specialized tape technique is the Mc Connel method to e.g. correct knee cap positions.
  • Specialized in treatment of chronic pain through body image, midline & central pain presentations.
  • Specialized in manual therapy methods by Cyriax part A, B and C. Mr. Cyriax was an Othopedic surgeon in the UK.