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EURO PHYSICAL THERAPY is proud to serve the communities of Lethbridge and
its surrounding counties.

At our clinic, you will meet your health and recovery goals to return to active living, assisted by a blend of advanced rehabilitation programs, latest modalities and compassionate  individualized care.

acute and chronic Musculoskeletal injuries, Chronic pain, Pelvic Health Issues, Vertigo/Dizziness/Balance issues, Concussion injuries, Sports injuries, Motor Vehicle Accident and Work-related injuries, Disability claims and VAC treatments. We educate you and help you understand and assist you to overcome your physical challenges or limitations successfully.

We do direct billing to most insurance companies.
We also assist with WCB claims, MVA claims, VAC physiotherapy applications, WorkSafe BC claims.

Shockwave Therapy

A series of low-energy acoustic waves that trigger biological effects and speeds up tissue regeneration for long-term healing.


A part of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture helps you overcome acute and chronic pain conditions.

Dry Needling

Tapping into the body's trigger points, releasing the pressure which allows to heal musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pain.

Laser Therapy

Combining Photomechanical and Bio Stimulation effects from LASER therapy leads to decrease inflammation and pain, hastens the healing and recovery time.

Motor Vehicle Accident

A collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to help you gain optimum recovery post a motor vehicle injury.

Workplace Injuries

We help you to return to your optimum functional capacity/abilities that you need to return to work safely.
“WCB Alberta & WorkSafe BC”

Pre and Post-Operative Rehab

Both pre and post-operative physiotherapy plays a crucial role in expediting the recovery process following joint replacement and other surgical procedures.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Helps patients with a variety of foot and body alignment issues. Assists with being on your feet for longer with less to no pain.